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DRU Courses, Workshops and Retreats

Looking for more relaxation, vitality, health, mental clarity and a fulfilling sense of inner calm? Find out what we have to offer because we are passionate about teaching exactly that! Explore our Dru Yoga & Meditation courses and workshops in Switzerland, and the retreats we run worldwide.

Experiencing Dru

We offer regularly courses, workshops and retreats. 

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Dru Yoga

Whether you are looking to simply improve your health and vitality, to creating more resilience, mental clarity and inner calm, to feeling more connected and fulfill your spiritual aspirations,  Dru Yoga offers access to effective and proven techniques that address our individual needs.

Dru Meditation

Dru Meditation takes you deeply into the science of meditation, showing you how to bring your awareness from the physical body, through to the deepest layers of your being. That is where you'll find your inherent inner peace and a profound sense of fulfillment.